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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playing with the Snow Elves at Heathrow, and why Vivien Leigh might still be alive and well at The Ivy in London

DAMN YOU, SCARLETT Goes to London     When the snow elves at Heathrow blocked me from a pre-Christmas rendezvous with an important editor at a famous London newspaper, I communicated some ideas about the February release of Blood Moon's newest biography in a VIDEO that's loaded with hot facts and implications about the 20th century's most romantic couple, Vivien Leigh and (Lord) Laurence Olivier.   Learn about what readers can expect from this BOOK NEWS overview of what really happened when SCARLETT O'HARA met HEATHCLIFF on the ROAD TO HELL.    Happy Holidays and happy reading to all of you from Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, and Blood Moon Productions

Hot and Flashy Book News: DAMN YOU SCARLETT Goes to London

Damn You Scarlett Goes to London!  And Vivien Leigh fans at THE IVY wonder if she's really dead!  Learn about the intrigue associated with Blood Moon's February release of Porter and Moseley's dual biography of Leigh and Olivier, and how the SNOW ELVES got in the way:  Hot and Flashy BOOK NEWS about the 20th century's MOST ROMANTIC couple