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Thursday, December 8, 2011

SINATRA NOTORIOUS-THE GLOBE reveals his affairs with TWO First Ladies (Reagan and Onassis). Read about it here!

 Here's how THE GLOBE covered news this week about Frank Sinatra's sexual dalliances with TWO of America's First Ladies,  Nancy Reagan (while her husband was in office) and Jacqueline Onassis (after her first husband's assassination).  WAY TO GO, FRANK!   Read about it here.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

K-News Radio, Palm Springs, PRESIDENTIAL SEX: An Interview with Danforth Prince

What They're Saying in Palm Springs About THE KENNEDYS. Click here for news from California's Desert Gossip Pros

Those permissive hosts at K-News talk radio in gossipy "sin city" (glamorous PALM SPRINGS, California), invited Blood Moon's president, Danforth Prince, to get up front and personal about his company’s newest celebrity exposé, THE KENNEDYS, All the Gossip Unfit to Print. 

Here's what the biggest radio mogul in the Coachella Valley, "Bulldog Bill" Feingold, elicited on July 25, 2011, about marital infidelity, the presidency, and the hot new book that assembles into 426 photo-studded pages the embarrassments and indiscretions of seven key members of America's most entertaining (and horniest) political tribe.

Danforth was in Palm Springs in the aftermath of receiving a literary award from the HOLLYWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL for this book. His tour also involved working with a film crew for the production of Blood Moon's newest promotional video, now out and available on JACKING WITH JFK IN HOLLYWOOD, Where the President Played: a cinematic preview of THE KENNEDYS, All the Gossip Unfit to Print. 

Here's what Danforth had to say about the book, Palm Springs, and the brouhaha associated with the Golden (50th) Anniversary of JFK's ascension to power.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blood Moon Releases History's First Cinematic Overview of "Gay Life in New York's Forgotten Outer Borough" as its contribution to PRIDE 2011

See History's First Cinematic Overview of Gay Life on Staten Island, without charge, by clicking HERE

Blood Moon Productions, a Staten Island-based publishing enterprise that focuses on celebrity biographies and film guides, proudly announces the release of a 27-minute documentary and infomercial it filmed at the June 4, 2011 celebration of Gay Pride in Staten Island.   To see the film, click here

The project was conceived, scripted, and narrated by Blood Moon's president and founder, Danforth Prince, who was designated in early June as 2011's PUBLISHER OF THE YEAR by the directors of THE BEACH BOOK FESTIVAL, an association of literary critics and booksellers from coastal communities across America.

As stated by Prince, "Blood Moon already has a history of crafting videotaped infomercials and documentaries as a means of advancing public recognition of its literary products. As such, we were intrigued by the cinematic possibilities of a street celebration that included aspects of both a trade fair and a social revolution. And how else could someone not physically present watch an articulate interaction between the Unitarian Church, the winner of the 'Miss New York' beauty pageant, and Dykes on Bikes?"

"Staten Island is the least visible and perhaps the most conservative borough within the otherwise liberal mass of New York City," Prince continued. "But based on this month's battle for marriage equality in New York State, and the extroverted passions of the island's gays and lesbians, this film has implications that go way beyond the borough."

"Insofar as we know," Prince continued, "no one else has ever attempted a coherent cinematic overview of Staten Island's gay subculture. And it was the clearly expressed passion and politicized fervor of the people we interviewed that became the most surprising and most gratifying part about making this film."

Blood Moon's GAY LIFE IN NEW YORK'S FORGOTTEN OUTER BOROUGH supplements other infomercials it will release this month, including BOOK EXPO 2011, BLOOD MOON'S VIEW FROM THE FLOOR. A 60-minute documentary filmed in May, 2011 at the world's largest literary marketplace, BOOK EXPO AMERICA, it's the newest installment in a series of lessons about how a small press or an author can navigate the shark-infested waters of the book trades.

During the crafting of both of these films, Blood Moon was assisted in the direction, editing, and camera work by Polish-born cinematographer PIOTR KAJSTURA, winner of several awards and grants from, among others, the Tourism Board of South Carolina.

For more information about Blood Moon's other successes and embarrassments, and how its authors are re-defining how celebrity biographies and film guides are written and marketed in America today, click on

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Los Angeles Book Festival Awards Two Blood Moon titles with HONORABLE MENTIONS at its Annual Awards Ceremony on March 4th.

On Friday, March 4, the Awards Committee of the LOS ANGELES BOOK FESTIVAL awarded two Honorable Mentions to Blood Moon Productions for titles released in 2010.  

In preparation for this event, Danforth Prince, Blood Moon's president,  assembled a Hollywood-based film crew, as directed by the distinguished Independent Filmmaker MS. CRYSTAL CALLAHAN, to videotape the event. Conducted with fanfare from within Hollywood's historic Roosevelt Hotel, the awards ceremony attracted about a thousand distinguished members of L.A.'s publishing and film communities.  Blood Moon plans a release of this video, without charge, as part of its ongoing roster of sales promotions, in about two weeks. 

As stated by Danforth, "Blood Moon's corporate mission involves the publication of carefully researched new insights into the entertainment industry.  The fact that these book awards originate from a panel of judges based in Los Angeles makes them particularly valued and appreciated. We are genuinely honored with these awards, and we thank everyone associated with this event tonight."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blood Moon Scores Two First Prize Awards at the New England Book Festival Awards Ceremony

On January 15, 2011, the Awards Committee of the New England Book Festival designated two Blood Moon titles as FIRST PRIZE WINNERS in their respective categories for 2010. First Prize WINNER of BEST ANTHOLOGY of 2010 was Blood Moon's HOLLYWOOD BABYLON STRIKES AGAIN. First Prize WINNER of BEST Gay and Lesbian Titles of 2010 was 50 Years of Queer Cinema, 500 of the Best GLBTQ Films Ever Made

In the photograph, company president and publisher DANFORTH PRINCE is shown in Boston at the Omni Parker House Hotel holding the winning certificates from the awards committee of the New England Book Festival. 

In his acceptance speech, Prince emphasized, "We are honored with these designations from a literary committee representing NEW ENGLAND, a region with the highest literacy rates, and some of the most prolific output of literature, in the world. To the degree to which these awards reflect the literary tastes of New England and its readers as a whole, we are deeply appreciative, deeply grateful." 

                                    *****  *****   ***** ******

NEW, HOT, and AVAILABLE IN BOOKSTORES EVERYWHERE in late February from Blood Moon Productions:
DAMN YOU, SCARLETT O'HARA. The Private Lives of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier, by Darwin Porter and Roy Moseley. 

As quoted at the awards ceremony by Danforth Prince in reference to this seminal new title, which is loaded with new, never-before-published information about the 20th century's most gossiped-about actors,     "It's about Scarlett O'Hara and Heathcliff, tragically linked, in love, and together on the road to hell.  Fasten your seat belts, 'cause it's gonna be a helluva ride."