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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Listening to Night Music with Humphrey Bogart

NEWS FROM THE BLOODY FRONT: OH GAWD! I said to myself at the prospect of another weekend tweaking the majestic and about-to-be-popped-into-the-toaster Blood Moon release that's only a wee bit late, HUMPHREY BOGART, THE MAKING OF A LEGEND, by Darwin Porter.

Proudly, I truthfully and verily say, the book is brilliant. An historical insight, 'tis, into the phenomenon of Humphrey Bogart, a functioning alcoholic with an unfortunate physicality, a lisp, and an inconvenient sense of intellectual independence, who, amazingly, got famous when many dozens of his immediate cohorts were relegated two or three generations ago to the dustbin of entertainment-industry oblivion.
My prediction: This book will become a reference source staple, a title for library shelves as an important addition to the understanding of one of America's premier icons. Indexed, authoritative, and certainly not bland, the book is piquant, reputable, and supremely interesting, especially for Entertainment-Industry buffs.
We're shipping it off for manufacture on Wednesday of this upcoming week at the very latest. The printers (McNaughton & Gunn, and a fine outfit they are, indeed), tell us it takes from five to six weeks to manufacture, perhaps less. So, with the understanding that Blood Moon's bleary-eyed but endlessly charming backoffice editorial staff has been humping it long and very very hard, please know that HUMPY IS ON HIS WAY!

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